The Vatic Master advocates a united front in defeating govcorp’s use of mind control

The webmaster for the Vatic Project returns to add more details how governments and corporations abuse innocent victims using Satanic rituals and pedophilia.

Vatic Project – Daily Summary, May 17, 2010
Post: Bloomberg Wants ‘Big Brother Britain’ For NYC

Vatic Note: How NY goes, so goes the nation, so hopefully NYers will be screaming bloody murder over this. I was not surprised that the Brits put up with this because they are so polite, but not NYers, since that is the last vestige of privacy we had left, if that goes up in NY, there will be no privacy and they can even spy in your house using those cameras that are remote controlled. Sorry, but that should not be acceptable. I guess we are becoming a surveillance society, but then don’t owners like to keep an eye on their cattle? One might get away. Then you have to go round them up, which is a lot more expensive. Cheaper to just have a camera there and then you go for just the one. This is getting so ridiculous that I can’t believe we are even seriously going to let them do this?

Post: CFR Meeting: Zbigniew Brzezinski Fears The Global Awakening

Vatic Note: Please watch this as it confirms what we have been trying to assert with our People to People initiative.

WE ARE POWERFUL and they are afraid of us and as more and more people wake up it will be harder and harder for them to continue with this agenda as they have been doing. Now is the time, and personal commitment of each of us in NON COOPERATION is the method. Please listen to this man and hear the concern in his voice as he speaks about it to the Canadian CFR group on May 15th of this year. Its now time to take our strategies and begin working them. More will be coming soon. Practice and study the ones we have put up so far and brainstorm, thinking outside the box on others in various areas they are using to attack us. Food, water, air, and mind control. These and banking all must be addressed as soon as possible while also trying to work on our economy. Sign up and use the Chat Room to express what you have to say so we may all respond and trigger our own thoughts for changes or new ideas. This is the time and NOW is the only real option we have before it gets too far along.

Click here to read about the Vatic Master’s appearance on the radio show on May 11.

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