Russ Baker discusses his fascinating exposé about the Bush family

Russ Baker is an investigative reporter and author whose articles have appeared in Esquire, Vanity Fair, Salon, the New York Times, and Washington Post.

Russ appears on the program to discuss his book, “Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and The Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.” Gore Vidal called Family of Secrets “one of the most important books of the past ten years,” while Dan Rather praised it as a “tour de force [that] has made me rethink even those events I witnessed with my own eyes.”

Family of Secrets provides an entirely new context for understanding the Bush family’s rise to power, its long-term significance, and overall lessons about the fragility of American democracy itself. Russ will speak about his research and contextualize it as it relates to the Obama administration and the future.

Russ received a Deadline Club Award for his exclusive reporting on George W. Bush’s military record and founded WhoWhatWhy, a non-partisan, nonprofit investigative news site.

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