Glenn Canady discusses UFOs, gov’t cover-ups, and suppressed health secrets

Glenn Canady is the creator of an online community called Project Nsearch that is dedicated to exposing the lies of global governments and the mainstream media.

Canady’s fascination with conspiracies and the paranormal began during childhood when he first heard stories about UFOs and government cover-ups. He earned a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1987 and worked in the aerospace industry until January 1991 when Defense Secretary Dick Cheney decided to cancel the secret A-12 Project that resulted in massive layoffs.

After leaving the aerospace industry, Canady moved on to become an instructor in computer-aided design. Subsequently, he became a successful businessman selling an assortment of products, including a unique car polish that was designed to last 5 years called “5 Star Shine.”

Capitalizing on the success of his car polish, Canady wrote a book called “Gorilla Website Marketing” that is designed to teach Internet marketing techniques to other entrepreneurs. After 9/11, Canady became actively involved in learning the truth about the New World Order by reading and researching alternative news sources such as Alex Jones. In January 2010, he launched his online community website called Project Nsearch. A long-time, alternative health advocate, Canady recently wrote an ebook called “Suppressed Health Secrets” that he gives away for free to every Project Nsearch member.

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