Richard C. Hoagland discusses the nuclear option in stopping the BP oil spill

Rayelan and Dr. Robin Falkov ask Richard C. Hoagland if nuking the Gulf as proposed by petroleum expert Matthew Simmons is the only way to stop the oil leak.

Today’s program includes a discussion about many of the ideas expressed in these four YouTube videos: “Cloud of Death Followed By Tsunami Traveling At 400-600 MPH (Parts 1 and 2),” “Volcanic Activity and Poison Gas Alert,” and “History Channel Mega Disasters – Methane Explosion.”

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  1. Chuck Stevens

    June 22, 2010 (LPAC)– Serious consideration for the design and tailoring of a peaceful nuclear explosive to seal the BP well must now be a highest level priority. On the basis of information available in the public domain, such preparation is mandatory. Testimony from the leading U.S. expert on peaceful nuclear explosions as to the efficacy of using a nuclear device to seal the BP well has now been made public. Evaluations of the probable compromised condition of the well bore and seafloor come from reliable professional sources, which can be checked. BP’s presentation of the situation must neither be believed nor tolerated.
    The political problem is that we have a President who is not in the real world. The very existence of the United States is endangered by the President’s determination not to offend the British Empire, Wall Street, or both. But we can’t let that stop us from saving the United States from a horrible fate. We can’t wait two elections to save the United States from an incompetent President.
    The prospect of massive flow of oil into the Atlantic within as early as 18 days, according to a projection by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, will make this a global disaster. There might be debatable features of such estimates, but lying by BP and its apologists is so severe we cannot base policy on such vast and portentous cover-ups. At the point this massive oil leak enters the Atlantic, it is a point of no return for North and possibly South America, and will rapidly move on to become a European and a global crisis.
    This has become a major national security question, the only one more dangerous being the President himself.
    For more details see

    Chuck Stevens

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