Derek Steele shares how he overcame his drug addictions and embarked on a new life of success

In his book, Addict at 10, Derek Steele tells his story of achieving financial success and fulfillment after leading a childhood life of drug abuse and crime.

As a child, Steele was subjected to parental neglect and abuse. His parents thought it was funny when he became drunk for the first time when he only 8 years old.

At age 10, he became addicted to marijuana. He began dealing drugs during junior high school and eventually dropped out of high school.

At age 19, he was arrested for felony forgery. A year later he was unemployed, homeless, and hiding from a drug dealer he’d swindled.

Just when he was on the verge of pulling off the biggest drug deal of his life, Steele had a moment of inspiration and vowed to conquer his addictions, come to terms with his parents’ neglect, and begin a new life.

He sought help from God and entered a 12 Step Program. With the assistance of his mentors, his life took a dramatic change for the better.

Steele entered the business world and became a multi-millionaire at age 35. He achieved financial freedom with the sale of his third enterprise in 2007.

A board member of Teen and Family Services and a Covenant House volunteer, Steele is pursuing his life’s mission by speaking out about the nature of addictions and inspiring others to turn around their lives by following the steps that he took.

Steele lives in Missouri City, Texas, with his wife Becky and their two children.

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