Paul Davids discusses his latest feature film, Before We Say Goodbye

Paul Davids’ film and TV career took off in 1985 when he began serving as production coordinator of the original “Transformers” programs for Marvel Productions.

Paul Davids is an accomplished artist and painter whose work has been compared to Vincent Van Gogh. Prior to producing and directing his own films, Paul teamed up with Hollace Davids to write six Star Wars sequel novels for Lucasfilm and Bantam Books.

Paul wrote many of the “Transformers” scripts and received credit byline in about 80 episodes. Based on the Hasbro line of action toys, “Transformers” was revamped and updated as a live-action, feature film in 2007.

Paul serves as President of Yellow Hat Productions and will be premiering “Before We Say Goodbye” in Roswell, NM on July 4, 2010. His list of films include:

“Jesus In India” (2008)
“The Sci Fi Boys” (2006)
“The Artist and the Shaman” (2001)
“Starry Night” (2000)
“Timothy Leary’s Dead” (1997)
“Roswell” (1994)
“Transformers, The Movie” (1986)
“She Dances Alone” (1981)

Click here for information about the Roswell screening of “Before We Say Goodbye.”

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