Cara Fay says there is unrecognized and widespread ecosystem damage from the oil spill

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews independent filmmaker Cara Fay about the long-term ramifications of the Gulf Coast oil spill.

The mainstream press and TV stations assert that BP has successfully capped the Macondo blowout and that most of the oil on the surface of the water has evaporated or disappeared due, in part, to the work of oil-eating microbes.

What these news outlets fail to mention is that the Corexit dispersant that BP employed in massive quantities combined with the spilled crude to form a toxic mixture that is now starting to appear in large quantities at the bottom of the Gulf. By polluting the watery home where bottom-feeding fish normally reside, this black sludge is taking dead-aim at the food chain.

Fish meal is an ideal fertilizer. Who is going to buy seafood taken from the Gulf of Mexico? What will happen to Gulf Coast residents and businesses who make their living from the sea? Due to air quality and health concerns, many have begun to relocate out of the area.

Rest assured, the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster is not over by any means.

Click here to hear an excerpt from Cara Fay’s July 29th appearance on the radio show with John Hutchison.

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