Dr. Michael Castle critiques the nefarious agenda of the so-called New Science

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews Dr. Michael Castle about oil spill remediation, the carcinogens in chemtrails, and the purpose of a buglike drone used by the USAF.

Dr. Castle is an industrial polymer chemist who has developed a product called AmeriHaz that solidifies crude oils, hydrocarbons, and other petrochemical contaminants. AmeriHaz is a non-toxic polymeric mixture that is far safer to the environment than the Corexit dispersant being employed in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that began on Apr. 20.

Interestingly, there are conflicting reports about the environmental impact of yet another offshore oil rig fire that occurred in the Gulf on Sep. 2.

Oil sheen spreads from Gulf platform after fire (Reuters)
Coast Guard: No Oil Sheen From Gulf Fire (KTBS.com/Associated Press)

Dr. Castle and independent filmmaker Cara Fay appeared on the radio show on Aug. 19 to share their individual perspective about the Gulf Coast oil cleanup process.

For an overview of the Air Force drones, view this video posted on DesignWorld.com:

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