Rayelan and Robin critique the insane agenda that governs our world

Our co-hosts, Rayelan and Robin, advise us how to deal with our Orwellian age, where perversion of truth is common and what is promoted as good is really bad.

Our personal freedoms are under constant assault with each passing day. We are told that we cannot grow our own food in the manner that mankind has done for eons. We are told we must comply with new laws and global mandates like Codex Alimentarius that restrict access to food supplements and natural remedies. Meanwhile, our environment is contaminated by toxic pollutants of all sorts, while large conglomerates are given free rein to foist genetically modified seeds and food products that pose a major health risk to society.

Below are three selected articles that raise the red flag regarding our current situation:

Food Safety Bill HR 2749 Requires Immediate Opposition
June 23, 2009

Male fish now exhibiting female traits due to toxic chemicals and pharma runoff
September 12, 2010

Blood on our Farms: Is Monsanto Responsible for 1 Suicide Every 30 Minutes?
Dr. Mercola
September 3, 2010

Robin Falkov is a homeopathic physician and practitioner of Oriental medicine who has developed a remedy to restore the health of Gulf Coast residents who have been adversely affected by the oil spill.

Weaving a story that links Barack Obama’s maternal grandfather, Stanley A. Dunham, to the Abwehr and, thus, to the same side as Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, Rayelan Allan offers her controversial hypothesis that the current President may very well be a reverse Trojan horse who will, at some future date, play a key role in bankrupting the Federal Reserve System that helps end the fiat money system and bring peace to our world.

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