Cara Fay says, We can become energy independent using John Searl's magnetic generator

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews independent filmmaker Cara Fay about the amazing potential for John Searl’s magnetic generator to replace oil as our primary energy source.

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is a self-contained power generator that produces clean and sustainable energy by converting mostly ambient temperatures in electrical power. SEG is one of the entries in the GE Ecomagination Challenge-a $200 million experiment where businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, and students can share their best ideas on how to build the next-generation power grid (online voting ends Sep. 30).

John Searl has been actively involved in energy research for over 60 years and recently opened an office in Southern California. His invention and life history has been documented in a film by Bradley Lockerman called The John Searl Story that won three awards at the Int’l UFO Congress Film Festival.

Cara Fay accepted the awards on behalf of Lockerman and his staff at BKL Films. Cara most recently appeared on the radio show on Aug. 19 to discuss the Gulf Coast oil spill cleanup process.

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