John Searl tells how his magnetic generator can provide energy and save the environment

Dr. Robin Falkov introduces John Searl and his free energy invention to our radio audience. Mr. Searl is joined in the broadcast by filmmaker Bradley Lockerman.

Fondly referred to as “The Godfather of Free Energy,” Professor Searl began his research into alternative energy sources over 60 years ago. His website provides details about his most noteworthy inventions, such as the Searl Effect Generator and the Inverse Gravity Vehicle. The safe and affordable energy-generating technology that Searl has discovered and tested is what is desperately needed at this point in time. Searl’s life story and inventions were documented in an award-winning film (The John Searl Story) by Bradley Lockerman, who was a guest on the radio show on Sep. 27 and returns to participate in today’s broadcast.

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