Dale Pond connects the illusory separation between Spirit and Matter

Renaissance man Dale Pond is a leading-edge example of a new paradigm thinker, explaining to his reader and lecture audiences about the principle that unifies all things.

Pond’s diversified background and interests include chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, metalworking and toolmaking, computers, mathematics, acoustics, hydrodynamics, geometry, music, and common law.

Building upon the pioneering research and musical dynasphere inventions of John Ernst Worrell Keely (1827-1898), Pond has been able to demonstrate that vibration/oscillation is the link between Spirit (Activated Mind) and Matter – the magic key for creating new experiences, worlds, and universes.

From 1985-1992, Pond wrote, edited, and published The Journal of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. He is an internationally recognized lecturer and workshop presenter, appearing at a variety of organized events such as the Swiss Association for Free Energy Conference, the International Keely Conferences, the United States Psychotronics Association Conference, the Science and Consciousness Conferences, and the TeslaTech Conferences.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics – John Worrell Keely’s Sacred Science
Dale Pond’s biography
Pond Science Institute

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