Let's ask Andrew Phillip Smith to further explain Gnosticism and Western Esotericism

On today’s show, Andrew Phillip Smith and Rayelan explore a variety of esoteric topics related to Gnosticism, such as the heated debate over the Gospel of Judas.

Andrew Phillip Smith is a world-renown Gnostic scholar who has written a number of books about the subject.

• “The Gospel of Thomas: A New Version Based on the Inner Meaning” is currently out-of-print (2002).
• “The Gospel of Philip: Annotated & Explained” (2005).
• “Lost Sayings of Jesus: Annotated & Explained” (2006).
• “Gnostic Writings on the Soul: Annotated & Explained” (2007).
• “The Gnostics: History * Traditions * Scriptures * Influence” (2008).
• “A Dictionary of Gnosticism” (2009).

Andrew is the publisher of Bardic Press, which releases new and classic aworks on Gnosticism, Celticism, the Fourth Way, and the Sufis. He is also the editor of a new magazine called “The Gnostic: A Journal of Gnosticism, Western Esotericism and Spirituality.”

Click here to listen to an excerpt from Rayelan Allan’s interview with Andrew Phillip Smith that was conducted on Dec. 7, 2009.

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