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Mid-term elections are coming soon and tensions are high. At this critical time, Rayelan and Radio RMN need your financial help to keep our station operating.

Clif High at Half Past Human is the chief architect of an elaborate database system called the Web Bot Project that is designed to uncover major trends and predict the future. His research indicates that a series of interrelated events is likely to occur right after the U.S. elections between Nov. 8-11 that will affect the entire planet at a much more profound level than what took place on Sep. 11, 2001. As Rayelan notes, the timing of today’s ‘discovery’ of explosives aboard a Yemen jetliner seems highly suspicious and could very well have been a dry run for a real terrorist plot that is designed to precipitate martial law or suspend Tuesday’s elections.

Terror plot thwarted as US-bound explosives seized
Associated Press
Oct. 29, 2010

Plane with cargo from Yemen lands in NY, searched
Associated Press
Oct. 29, 2010

For the past two years, Radio RMN has been providing cutting-edge commentaries and news that is partially funded by podcast memberships and contributions by our listening audience. We are an independent news outlet that receives no grants or corporate subsidies. If Radio RMN is forced to shut down due to lack of funds, to whom will you rely upon to receive the vital information you need to discern the truth from the mass-marketed disinformation espoused by mainstream media?

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