Rayelan asks whether Vladimir Putin, not the Romanovs, represent true Russian royalty

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is descended from the Putin clan who lived in Tver for over 300 years. A common Slavonic name, Vladimir means “ruling with fame” or “regal.”

Tver is a principality of Russia that operated under princely rule from 1252-1485 until the area was conquered by Ivan the Great, the grandfather of Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584).

It was through Ivan the Terrible’s marriage to his first wife, Anastasia Romanovna, that the Romanovs began their three-century rule over Russia that would last until the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

Vladimir (Влади́мир, old spelling: Владимѣръ)

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin’s namesake discovers he is a cousin of the Russian president – The Putins Clan Book Published in Russia

A Capsule History of Russia
by David T. Koyzi
for the use of students in POL 265, Russian Government and Politics, at Redeemer University College

Prince of Tver

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