Let's ask Mike Philbin about his search for truth and freedom from corporate slavery

Mike Philbin, known to RMN readers as Agent FreePlanet, is a free-thinking writer and artist from Britain who edits the Chimeraworld series of themed short fiction paperbacks and contributes content on the Abel Danger website run by Field McConnell and David Hawkins.

Able to carry on conversations in French and has limited fluency in Japanese, Philbin discusses current affairs from his unique perspective on RMN and on his FreePlanet blog. Much of his literary work is available for sale on Amazon.

Book Titles include:
“Dreams & Nightmares” – a prose poem (1985)
“Red Hedz” (1990) – novel
“Szmonhfu” (2001) – novel published under Hertzan Chimera pseudonym
“Animal Instincts” (2004) – collection of illustrated short stories
“The Hoo-Hoo Are Coming” (2006)
“A Most Heinous Crime” (2007)
“Bukkakeworld” (2008) – novel
“Planet of the Owls” (2008) – novel

Philbin often submits short stories collaboratively with other writers who cater to the small press market, including DF Lewis, MF Korn, Alex Severin, Paul Pinn, Charlee Jacob, David Kopaska-Merkel, Mark McLaughlin, John Lawson, Greg Wharton, Vincent Sakowski, Simon Logan, Dawn Andrews, Destiny West, Brutal Dreamer, Queenie Tirone, Amy Grech, Christina Sng and Vanda Ashante. Many collaborations can be found in “The Best of Him+Chim+Her” book.

Closing Quote:
“I detest the mainstream. I cannot understand how such Franchise Writing can satisfy the creative needs of the writer, or the reader…”

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