Crystal River and Richard Gallemore discuss safe treatments for skin diseases like Morgellons

RMN agent Crystal River has suffered from Morgellons for several decades, while Richard Gallemore’s firm, Aeon Botanica, sells non-toxic skin care products.

Do you suffer from debilitating skin diseases like Morgellons, super scabies, or chronic dermatitis? Stop using toxic ointments and cremes containing animal ingredients, petrochemicals, or parabens! There are safer and more effective alternatives!

Richard Gallemore is intimately familiar with the symptoms of Morgellons, having been around a close family member who suffered from this strange disease. Finding conventional remedies ineffective and costly, Gallemore capitalized on his scientific aptitude to formulate and sell his own line of affordable and non-toxic skin care products that he markets under his Aeon Botanica banner.

In the RMN Reading Room, Crystal River posted a notice about an upcoming conference about Morgellons that will be taking place in the spring in Texas.

4th Annual Scientific/Medical Conference on Morgellons
Sponsored by the Charles E. Holman Foundation
Apr. 2, 2011
Westoak Woods Baptist Church
2900 Slaughter Lane
Austin, TX

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