Deborah Tavares tells why Smart Meters are a health risk that will bankrupt households

Deborah Tavares is a Northern California property owner and activist who has sounded the alarm about the underhanded plan underway to force everyone in the U.S. to have Smart Meters installed in their homes and businesses.

Smart Meters needs to be a HOT ISSUE right now because it involves everyone of every political persuasion – left or right; Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Your political party affiliation doesn’t matter.

Smart Meters emit harmful radiation that has caused people to get sick. Unfortunately, government officials are taking a blind-eye approach to reported problems associated with Smart Meters.

With the backing of billions in federal stimulus money, utility companies are actively embarked on a plan to dictate both utility costs and usage. Even worse, we have a classic case where major media (MSNBC) is in bed with companies (General Electric) that are poised to reap huge profits from the sale of all the mandated appliances that will be required in order to use the new system. IMAGINE THE COST OF REPLACING ALL YOUR HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES! Moreover, Smart Meters will make it possible for utility companies to shut off your electricity remotely.

As a first step in fighting back, Deborah recommends that everyone log onto the Refuse Smart Meters website that contains relevant articles of interest as well as links for purchasing weather-durable tags, signs, and labels you can use to prevent these meters from being installed on your property.

Deborah is available to speak to groups about the dangers of Smart Meters and can be reached by email by clicking this link.

PUC division pushes for SmartMeter health probe
San Francisco Chronicle
Nov. 18, 2010

Death and profits: The utility protection racket
Online Journal
Oct. 18, 2010

– SAY NO to health effects from radiation
– SAY NO to increased utility costs
– SAY NO to required appliance change outs
– SAY NO to invasion of privacy
– SAY NO to remote shut downs
– SAY NO to uninsurable consequences


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