John Loftus exposes America's Nazi connection covered up by the Justice Department

John Loftus is a former US government prosecutor and Army intelligence officer who recently completed a book called America’s Nazi Secret that tells how the Justice Department abetted war criminals and prevented Congress from investigating the direct involvement of famous American families who funded Hitler, Stalin, and Arab terrorists.

Loftus holds the distinction of being the first Irish Catholic president of the Florida Holocaust Museum. He has also served as president of the International Intelligence Summit and co-host of the world’s first Secular Islam Summit.

Loftus currently hosts his own weeknight radio show, The Loftus Report, broadcast live from WSNR in New York and on the Internet.

America’s Nazi Secret
by John Loftus
published by Trine Day Publishers
released Nov. 2010

Book Summary (excerpted)
The Nuremburg trials were fixed. The US Justice Department did it. Some of America’s most influential families funded Hitler. Ambitious lawyers in Washington covered it up under a cloak of national security. The Justice Department brought Nazis into America by the thousands to be trained as cold war spies.

The Attorney General personally sponsored some of the worst war criminals for immigration to the USA, including the chief of the Ukrainian security service, Mykola Lebed. His troops murdered tens of thousands of Poles, Ukrainians and Jews, including Simon Wiesenthal’s mother.

In 1985, the Justice Department pawned this Ukrainian mass murderer off to Congress as an innocent leader of the Anti-Nazi resistance. Almost everything the Justice Department has ever told Congress about Nazis in America has been a conscious and deliberate lie. The hunt for Nazi war criminals has been a mere public relations effort to placate Jews and WWII veterans.

It gets worse.

For sixty years, the US Department of Justice has remained the legal shield of the Arab-Nazi network, known as the Muslim Brotherhood. America is the only major nation still refusing to designate the Brotherhood as a terrorist group. Thirty years ago Justice Department Attorney John Loftus read the Top Secret Files and was ordered into silence under threat of imprisonment. Now the declassification clock has run down. Loftus says it is time for Justice to face the jury about where the Arab-Nazi connection went wrong and who is really to blame for 9/11.

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