John DiNardo: Look to symbols in the sky to understand the dramatic changes on earth

Rayelan and her guest John DiNardo use the Bible and Zecharia Sitchin’s research on Planet X/Nibiru to analyze the Tucson shooting, the bird/fish kills, the Australian floods, John Parsons Wheeler’s murder, and MORE!

John DiNardo has been at the forefront in investigating the global conspiracy for years. A former Marine, DiNardo became suspicious about the mass media’s pervasive deceit and constant drumbeat to war when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990. Seeing how America was being transformed into a tyrannical regime via concocted terrorist enemies, DiNardo penetrated the smokescreen to discover spiritual truths much higher and deeper than he had ever imagined.

Click here to listen an excerpt of our last interview with John DiNardo that was conducted on Aug. 17, 2009.

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We’re talking about Chemtrails blocking Niburu on the radio – here’s the vid
Rayelan — Tuesday, 11-Jan-2011 15:20:16

Here’s the link to photos of the Winged Globe or Suncruiser we’re talking about
Rayelan — Tuesday, 11-Jan-2011 15:21:53

Re: We’re talking about Chemtrails blocking Niburu on the radio – here’s the vid
The_Fox — Tuesday, 11-Jan-2011 15:36:23
Rayelan — Tuesday, 11-Jan-2011 16:00:44

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