Kevin P. Miller: So many of our war vets are homeless and they need our support!

Kevin P. Miller’s The Promised Land is an award-winning 1991 film about the homeless, particularly war vets. Its gripping stories of abandonment, hunger, and misery resonate loudly today.

THE PROMISED LAND – a film by Kevin P. Miller (1991) from Kevin P. Miller on Vimeo.

Veterans make up 1 in 4 homeless
USA Today
Posted Nov. 7, 2007

Click here to listen to an excerpt of Kevin’s last appearance on Rayedio RMN on Sep. 24, 2010 where he talked about the assault on our health freedom rights.

Selected Websites
Kevin Miller’s World
Generation Rx, a film by Kevin P. Miller
A Question of Sovereignty, a film by Kevin P. Miller
We Become Silent, a film by Kevin P. Miller narrated by Judi Dench

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