White Lotus by John Hersey: A work of fiction symbolizing China's takeover of the U.S.

Rayelan examines Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit with Barack Obama and relates how John Hersey’s 1965 novel, White Lotus, symbolizes America’s enslavement to the Asian nation, aided by technology transfers approved by various White House administrations over the past 30 years.

Book Synopsis: White Lotus
by John Hersey

An allegorical novel by the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and reporter. In a world in which whites have been enslaved by Orientals, a young girl named White Lotus is captured in Arizona and transported to China. After being sold into slavery, she survives a vast Chinese civil war and is emancipated upon its conclusion. Later she abandons her life as a tenant farmer and moves to the white district of a large city in the North of China in search of a better life.

Source: Alibris.com

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