Michael Edward discusses The Blue Plague – the health crisis caused by the Gulf oil spill

As told by Michael Edward, Gulf Coast residents and other living creatures have been the unwitting victims of a genetic experiment that undermines their health.

Michael Edward is a caretaker and rehabilitation specialist for a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary in southwest Florida. Since the early 1990′s, he has worked as an independent writer and forensic researcher, with many of his articles archived at the World Vision Portal.

On Aug. 10, 2010, Edward published his initial findings regarding the BP Gulf Oil Disaster in an article entitled The Gulf Blue Plague is Evolving. Shortly afterward, Edward revealed how synthetic gene bacteria had been used by BP in the Gulf of Mexico and how bacteria and viruses were mutating as a result.

Excerpts from his detailed report are included below.

The latest development in the Gulf is how an incomprehensible bacterium is remarkably eating up the methane gas. It appears that engineered designer genes have also been used to remove the gas just as they have been used to consume the oil. The common denominator is that neither of these microbes are natural microorganisms. This should come as no surprise.

In August 2010, rain water samples were tested by the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana where rain coming directly from the Gulf had unusually high concentrations of iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, manganese, and arsenic.

Without a doubt, the synthetically created bacterium introduced into the Gulf of Mexico to consume the oil and gases were – and continue to be – fed these essential trace elements. Otherwise, they could not have thrived or reproduced at the accelerated rate they have. The continued spraying in the Gulf by aircraft and by boat is not Corexit or other oil dispersal chemicals. Consider the current spraying to have the same effect of adding liquid fertilizer to your crops.

In his research, Edward noted that Mike Utsler, Chief Operating Officer of BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration, admitted publicly that “There is a new form of microbiology that is attacking this (oil) plume and using it as a food source.”

Mutations of the plankton have already been verified by University of Southern Florida scientists months ago. Once this important marine food source has RNA mutations, then everything up the entire food chain is affected. That includes humans who consume fish or crustaceans. What are we facing? More than we can comprehend. Once you alter the bottom of the food chain, you alter everything from that point on. The Gulf Blue Plague is a reality and has been for many months. It’s a worldwide problem.

“This is the biggest cover-up in the history of America,” Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser told reporters, gesturing with his gloved right hand, which was covered in oil.

Click here to read a full account of The Gulf Blue Plague.

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  1. Gulf BioTerrorism: A Silent & Deadly Enemy Among Us (PART I)
    by Michael Edward
    Added: February 19th, 2011

    Those of us who live on the Gulf Coast have always hunkered down and survived deadly storms, such as hurricanes Charley and Katrina. We have always picked ourselves up from out of the rubble and rebuilt. We are survivors. It’s a part of what living in “hurricane alley” is all about. But we have never faced an invisible storm that attacks in absolute silence with no advanced warning. We have never confronted an engineered biological terror that can’t be seen nor heard.

    Click here for full report.

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