Intelligence Report from Field McConnell as of Feb. 2, 2011

Field (sans David) discusses his ALPA lawsuit against Boeing and the legal battles waged by pilot whistleblowers appealing suspension of their flying licenses on bogus medical grounds.

On Feb. 1, the Washington Examiner published Barbara Hollingsworth’s OpEd piece entitled, “Medically grounded pilots fight back in court – a topic of great interest to McConnell, who ended his commercial pilot career rather than subject himself to a psychiatric examination for reporting to his superiors that the Boeing airplanes that he flew were equipped with an uninterruptable auto pilot system.

Persons cited in Hollingsworth’s article include Houston neurologist Dr. Brian Loftus, and Dr. Michael Berry, the current head of the FAA’s medical certification office who grounded former Continental Airlines pilot Newton Dickson because of unsubstantiated claims that the pilot precipitated the 2009 crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 in Buffalo, N.Y., because he was suffering from epilepsy.

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