Gordon Duff and whistleblower Dmitri Khalezov dissect 9/11 and other conspiracies

On today’s broadcast, Dmitri Khalezov and Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff offer their insiders’ views of some of the most controversial events of the past 25 years, such as the Chernobyl nuclear accident, the bombing of the Murrah Building, and 9/11.

There are probably only a handful of figures more controversial than Dmitri Khalezov, the whistleblower now living in Thailand who once served as an officer in the Soviet Union’s nuclear intelligence services.

Author of a book called “The Third Truth About 9/11,” Khalezov describes a party held on Sep. 12, 2001 by a friend of his named Michael Harari who was a well-known Mossad agent and Israeli intelligence officer. According to Khalezov, Harari wanted to communicate to his party guests that he was a key organizer of the 9/11 false-flag event. Duff is very familiar with the intelligence community and says Khalezov should be taken seriously as a potential witness in the 9/11 mass-murder case.

9/11 Nuclear Demolition of the WTC by Dmitri Khalezov
The Third Truth about 9/11 (11 chapters for free)
911 ‘Nuclear Bombshell’ author Dimitri A. Khalezov offers his ‘impossible’ to buy – “Third Truth 911” Book – for FREE!**
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Date: Friday, 12-Nov-2010

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