Dr. Stephen Wilson: Restore your health by eating food conforming to Biblical precepts

Years ago, Dr. Stephen Wilson discovered that a Biblical diet greatly increased his energy and vitality. He shares how all of us can benefit from his experience.

Note from Rayelan
Re: Leviticus 11: Clean and Unclean Food

“Many years ago while I was studying psychology at the University of California at Santa Cruz, I took a course in Bible studies. We studied the Old Testament only.

I was amazed when our professor brought this chapter from Leviticus to our attention. Even though I had studied the Bible in Sunday school, Wednesday Bible Studies, and Evening Bible classes, which I attended from kindergarten all the way through high school, I was not familiar with this Leviticus chapter.

I was almost 28 at the time I read it and it was this chapter that started me on my path of health based foods, vitamins and supplements…”


Click here to hear an excerpt of Rayelan’s Feb. 10th interview with Dr. Wilson where he offered convincing arguments that synthetic vitamin supplements are about as healthy for the human body as eating rocks.

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