Preston Fleming describes a new tax that must be paid when moving out of the U.S.

Where are Americans moving to and why? What are the ramifications? Preston Fleming is a former tax attorney who shares what he knows from having lived abroad.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Preston Fleming served in the State Department at various embassies in the Middle East for almost 10 years. His overseas stint included time in Beirut during the Lebanese civil war. Returning to the States, he obtained a law degree at an Ivy League school and worked as a tax attorney for a brief period.

Being a lawyer, however, didn’t suit his temperment. Deeply disturbed that tyranny was rapidly replacing personal freedom in America and that his home country was beginning to take on aspects of the Third World countries where he lived, Fleming began documenting his thoughts and visions in a series of futuristic thriller novels that he markets through his own publishing company, PF Publishing LLC.

Author of five books, Fleming is best known for The Kamas Trilogy, whose individual book titles are Forty Days at Kamas, Star Chamber Brotherhood, and I’ll Die Later (work-in-progress).

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