Open your heart and mind to a brand new view of history from Frank O’Collins

On today’s show, RMNews Agent Bob Kenter introduces fellow Aussie, Frank O’Collins, about the amazing research he has done about the history of ancient Ireland.

Frank O’Collins has created an incredible online resource called One-Ireland.Org whose charter is to heal and protect the earth and unify Ireland.

Additional Comments From Rayelan

Every idea has a creator. Every book has an author. Frank O’Collins is the author of the UCADIAN model.

My paternal grandmother was 100% Irish. She said that her family was descended from Tubal Cain. I thought this was a family legend, but Frank says, “Your Grandmother was right!”

My family is from County Cork and Frank’s family is from East Cork, so he must know something about the Cork County Cains.

Here is the link to the sacred texts.

This is the link that talks about Joseph of Arimathea.


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  1. Ancient Connections Between Egypt and Ireland Confirmed!
    Written by Heather Elizabeth Adams
    Published on Vedic Empire

    The Story of Princess Scota was originally published in the Ancient Mysteries Newsletter, March 2007, Association for Research and Enlightenment, Virginia Beach, VA.

    Heather Elizabeth Adams is a writer, researcher, and college educator. While residing in London, England, she specialized in Goddess Mythology for her PhD research and completed four years of spiritual training in Glastonbury as a Priestess of Avalon with noted writer Kathy Jones. Heather is the founder of The Sacred Sept of the Swan, an organization dedicated to honoring indigenous cultures, ancient mysteries, and the Divine Feminine through online courses, events, and pilgrimages to sacred landscapes around the world.

  2. Frank O’Collins Explains Roman Law
    YouTube by MrJacktemplar
    June 14, 2012

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