Rayelan's Hour for Mar. 22, 2011

Besides analyzing breaking news, Rayelan tells how U.S. schools administer tests that provide the CIA with a list of students who would make ideal assassins for their mind control programs.

Rayelan cites rumored speculation, possibly communicated to her by Leuren Moret (who couldn’t appear on today’s show as originally planned), that Japan and its nuclear reactors were deliberately targeted for destruction because the country intended to aggressively develop and employ alternative power sources such as free energy.

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Bruce DePalma – Free Energy Device
Article by Richard Walters, For the People Magazine
Jul 1996
Tagline: A promising new alternative energy source, neglected in the U.S., advances in the Far East

“The Japan Science Foundation, under Japanese government auspices, awarded grants to two universities and one company to produce models of the N machine and to investigate how it works. Kazama Giken Corporation is commercially supplying small N machines for research and educational purposes. Another Japanese company, Panasonic/National, is also pursuing this technology. Shiuji Inomata, Ph.D. president of the Japan Psychotronics Institute and senior scientist at the Electrotechnical Laboratory in Ibaraki [an area hit by the recent quakes], has been instrumental in sparking the interst of Japan’s scientific community in the N machine…”

German Chancellor escapes chopper crash
The Times Of India
Mar 21, 2011

Eyeing Iran, US details $60 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia
Christian Science Monitor
Oct 21, 2010

Kosovo War
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