Jeroen Van Straaten shares what took place at The Secret Space Program conference

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews Jeroen Van Straaten about breaking news that was revealed at The Secret Space Program conference held at the Sun Plaza in Amsterdam on Apr. 3.

The well-attended event featured several outstanding speakers, including:

Investigative Reporter Peter Levenda.
Historian and Researcher Richard Dolan.
UFO Researcher Ed Grimsley, who brought night-vision goggles for viewing.
Timothy Good, the first mainstream investigative journalist to bring attention to the UFO story.
Richard C. Hoagland, science advisor for Coast to Coast AM and ex-NASA Consultant.

Speaker videos are in post-production and will eventually be viewable for free from the Secret Space Program website. Log onto Richard C. Hoagland’s Enterprise Mission website to inquire about the video that was taken during his presentation.

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