Sharry Edwards conducts a live analysis of Rayelan’s health using her vocal print

Rayelan asks Sharry Edwards to diagnose her and do it LIVE ON AIR! She told her that her entire life is an open book ant there is NOTHING that she can’t discuss.

Notes from Rayelan
If you have missed my presence on the radio or in the RMN Reader Room, it’s because I have had no energy to do anything for about a month. As you know, this is not like me. I have been surviving on 4 hours or less of sleep for over 20 years…maybe longer…and continually running and multitasking the entire 20 hours that I am awake.

For over a month now I have to struggle to do anything. My short-term memory is also affected. I am amazed that I have even been able to do the few radio shows that I have done. I have to admit that I have been making notes for myself in order to do the radio – something I have never had to do in all my years of public speaking. I am usually able to go from start to end of my lectures without missing one point that I needed to cover.

I asked Sharry to diagnose me on the radio because one of my close friends, who has been listening to her and reading her information for months now, finally confessed to me that she just can’t understand how the process works. If my friend can’t understand it, I expect many people can not visualize how a session works.

Sharry diagnosed me yesterday morning with her computer software and came up with some amazing things that she could NOT have known about me, but it was there…in my voice.

She also saw that there is some kind of man-made interference going on with me. I asked her to post the voice print where she saw this interference so you can see normal voice prints versus ones that are being manipulated by some kind of outside manmade energy source.

I am not saying that the government has me in their sights, but I’ve been a pain in the butt to them for over 20 years now. I suspect in that length of time I have made a number of enemies who have access to this kind of equipment.

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