Aamann Degarth describes the amazing healing properties of hemp oil

Aamann (his soul name) Degarth is a practicing shaman who specializes in the symbiotic relationship between healing plants such as marijuana and the healers that use them.

Degarth is at the forefront in studying the medicinal effects of the compounds contained in hemp and cannabis. He teaches his distillation methods and medical research to commercial growers, dispensaries, and private individuals. In dispensing hemp oil to his medical marijuana patients who suffer from a broad range of illnesses, he’s witnessed their miraculous recovery in test-after-test.

In Nov. 2008, a year after Degarth organized a Colorado chapter of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, his facility was raided by local authorities. According to Degarth, the State of Colorado has the strongest medical marijuana program in the nation.

Degarth shares his research and findings with his close friend, Rick Simpson, whose wealth of knowledge is documented in the film, “Run From The Cure.”

Does Hemp Oil Cure Cancer and a Myriad of Other Things? Rick Simpson and His Friend Aamann Degarth KNOW it Does!
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Date: Thursday, 2-Jun-2011 11:05:37

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Phoenix Tears
AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Fighting The Damage Caused By Radiation
by Rick Simpson

“After the horrible earthquake in Japan, that has caused all this damage to many of the nuclear reactors that are operating in that country, radiation is now spreading worldwide. With high levels of radiation being released into the atmosphere on a continuous basis, it will have a devastating effect on the lives of most living creatures. But once again if used properly high quality hemp oil can provide a solution that will be of great help to mankind in alleviating this situation…”

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