Lee Bracker discusses High Frequency Food, Prill Beads and the Giffords shooting incident

Based in Tucson, AZ, Lee Bracker is the author of High Frequency Food that raises our conscious and spiritual awareness of the foods we eat. He also shares his insights about the Jan. 8 shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

Our bodies have become highly susceptible to chronic disease due to the lack of trace minerals in the commercially processed foods that we eat. No mineral is more misunderstood than gold. We don’t consume sea vegetables in sufficient quantities to offset our deficiency in this mineral. Moreover, our soil and fresh water supplies lack this vital element due to extensive mining and panning activities.

Ormus, aka white powder gold or monoatomic gold, is the modern-day equivalent of the Philosopher’s Stone or Elixir of Life. Throughout history, gold has been known as a mood leveler.

“High Frequency Food” surpasses conventional nutritional compilations, because contained within are suppressed remedies for every disease known to mankind, including alcoholism. Did you know that dietary fat is being bred out of avocados? Hybrids such as Haas contain as little as one-fourth of the Vitamin E that is present in a natural avocado.

Click here to log onto a Lulu.com site where you can download a special 3-page excerpt from “High Frequency Food” that discusses gold as a dietary nutrient. Or, click here to order the entire book that will provide you with the toolkit for food survival!

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Date: Thursday, 16-Jun-2011 15:19:11
Check out this site and please explain all of this to us. Thank you RMN Health Experts!

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