Kevin Courtois: You can reverse aging using the Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator

RMN Agent Kevin Courtois (kbcjedi) tells how he found an engineer who used drawings available on the Internet to recreate an age-reversal device based on Dotto Ring technology called the Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator that was originally developed by Giovanni Dotto in the 1970s.

The Xcalibur Magnetic field Generator mimics and amplifies frequencies found in the Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan where inhabitants are reported to live for 150 years. It can be configured at any one of three settings: the original Dotto Ring frequencies (1.9-2.1Mhz); the Schumann Resonance frequency (7.83hz), which is the planetary field; and a subliminal function that uses a microphone to pick up either ambient sounds or music from an iPod or MP3 player.

The Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator can be found in the suite of technologies found at Kevin’s website, and will be available for purchase in the near future (Caution: the sales price is expected be on the high side to reflect the extensive amount of time and resources required to develop and test the product).

Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator- Age Reversal Device
Posted By: kbcjedi
Date: Monday, 27-Jun-2011 22:57:58

Kevin will be on Radio RMN Tomorrow at 2pm Eastern to talk about the Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator- Age Reversal Device
Posted By: Rayelan
RMNews Reading Room
Date: Tuesday, 28-Jun-2011 01:18:41

YouTube: Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator Age Reversal Subliminal 1

Click here to listen to an excerpt of our Feb 15 interview with Kevin Courtois, where he and his associate, Plato, discussed facial restructuring for relief of TMJ pain.

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