Meet "Doc" Mike Witort: Life Coach and Faith Healer

A talk show favorite on the American Voice Radio Network who conducts seminars about a process that he calls Oxygen Incentive Living-Integrative Therapy, Mike Witort uses reflexology and other alternative healing modalities to teach others how to treat pain in the musculoskeletal system without drugs. While he is not a licensed medical doctor and his methods may not be approved or recognized by any of the established medical associations, his results speak volumes. As a result of his many successes, Mike has become widely known by his nickname (not his professional designation) of “Doc.”

Doc Mike’s website:
Sugar: You Just Love Your Children To Death
Sign up for lifetime membership to Doc Mike’s International Independent Researchers for $49.95.

Contact Info
Mike “Doc” Witort
428 Morengo Ave, 1st Floor
Forest Park, IL 60130-1779

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