Charles Ostman discusses the global economic crisis and the powers jockeying for control

Charles Ostman, aka Historian of the Future, offers his views about the global economic system – what plans are in motion and what steps are needed to correct the inherent inequities.

Solving a Sovereign Debt Crisis by Issuing More of the Same
Karl Denninger
May 10, 2010

Charles Ostman is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Global Futures, a consulting group that provides strategic research and analysis for Fortune 500 companies and institutions worldwide.

An active contributor to the Millennium Project for Global Futures Studies and Research, Charles has devoted over 30 years of his professional career working in state-of-the-art electronics, materials science, advanced computing, and artificial intelligence.

High tech companies that have benefited from his knowledge and technical expertise include GTE Lenkurt, Litton Industries, Lucas Films, Phoenix Laser Systems, NanoThinc, Omni Scientific Instruments, and Evolutionary Networks.

He is the author of numerous technical papers and participates in a wide variety of international conferences and seminars.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of Charles Ostman’s June 9th appearance on the radio program.

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