Debbie Newhook tells how she and her son were stalked and harassed

Being threatened by stalkers is not just a topic reserved for network news. As told by our guest, Debbie Newhook, it is tragically becoming more commonplace.

Debbie Newhook describes her personal experiences on her website (excerpted below):

“It has been just over 4 years since I decided to become an activist for the exposure of this crime. As a result I have now found 12 other targets on the south end of Vancouver Island and many more targets in the Vancouver BC area.

I have had many media appearances that include 4 radio appearances and one local newspaper article about my stalking and harassment. Since I started being so vocal in the community most of the my community harassment has stopped. I no longer have the aggressive drivers nor do I have the constant home break ins.

However, I do experience the attacks to my body from the directed energy weapons. I constantly feel my body attacked when I go to bed each night. To me the attacks feel like electric current running through my body.”

Click here to read a full account.

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