Terry Cole-Whittaker and Jay Weidner share how we are on the cusp of a Golden Age

What is alchemy? Can the Philosophers’ Stone really transform our world? Listen as Rayelan and her two featured guests share their knowledge, humor, and wisdom.

One of our most popular radio guests, Terry Cole-Whittaker D.D. is an acclaimed author, motivational speaker, and spiritual seeker who was last heard on our show on June 21. Click here to be added to Terry’s email list and to request her 3 Keys to Fortune eBooklet.

Jay Weidner is a renowned author, filmmaker, and hermetic scholar who was featured in the History Channel’s documentary called The Lost Book of Nostradamus. Click here to contact Jay via email.

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The Golden Age Has Begun! The Alchemical Revolution is Here! And It’s Free!
By Jay Weidner
The sign of Aquarius is that of a person with a vase of water. For it is in the Age of Aquarius that the secret of alchemy and the magic water of the Elixir of Life are made known to the entire human race. This single act topples the powers that rule the world and re-creates society and culture.

The Book of Aquarius
Alchemy and the Philosophers’ Stone are real. This is not a joke or a scam. This book covers the full theory and practice of alchemy and how to make the Philosophers’ Stone, capable of reversing the aging process and curing all disease to the effect that one could live forever.

This treasure offers us the potential to transform not only our bodies and minds, but also transmute this current Age of Iron, this age of pain and deception, greed and terror into the Golden Age of truth, beauty, harmony and bliss. Once everyone on Earth has the Stone, we can become who we really are and free ourselves of the trap of the phantasm of modernity and the toxic threat that it has created.

Download the book now. Print it out in case the Internet kill switch is pushed. Send the link to your friends and family, even if they are skeptical of its claims. Once the secret is released, the powers that be can do nothing to bottle it up again.


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  1. Interview with Sharula Dux by Joanna Cherry
    Published on Sunday, 17 July 2011 17:18

    Princess Sharula Dux is a woman known to me for many years. Her message is amazing, yet simple: she is from Telos, a Lemurian city beneath Mt. Shasta. She has come to the surface to begin sharing her culture with ours, so that we might mutually benefit and become one whole civilization.

  2. CoastToCoast AM
    Monday September 5, 2011
    Hosted by George Noory
    Guest: Jay Weidner

    Author, filmmaker, and hermetic scholar, Jay Weidner, will discuss his recent work on how alchemy can return us to a golden age where people can once again live 400 years, have intense psychic abilities, and mastery over time. He’ll also share an update on discoveries about the habitability of Mars and possible exodus there.

  3. Andrew Norton Webber: The Pineal Gland & Distilled Liquids
    by Chrissy McMahon
    Sun, Sep 18, 2011

    Andrew Norton Webber spent 2 hours discussing the power of Co-creating God with Unlimited Power focusing on Distilled Liquids, the Pineal Gland and how YOU are a “Ball of Light.” Andrew and I have been collaborating through our intuitive understanding combined with Andrews years of research and practical experience with distilled liquids to its natural progression with the Pineal Gland. It has come to our attention that a few researchers in the Metaphysical community are beginning to grasp the alchemical importance of Urine Therapy which is the highest level of the distilled liquid aspect and clearing the pineal.

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