Charles Ostman and Richard C. Hoagland debate what Comet Elenin signifies to the world

Comet Elenin is scheduled to make its closest approach to earth on Oct. 16, 2011. Our two guests debate the significance of that event and its impact on humanity.

Charles Ostman is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Global Futures, a consulting group that provides strategic research and analysis for Fortune 500 companies and institutions worldwide.

An active contributor to the Millennium Project for Global Futures Studies and Research, Charles has devoted over 30 years of his professional career working in state-of-the-art electronics, materials science, advanced computing, and artificial intelligence.

A familiar voice on Rayedio RMN and other alternative news programs like Coast to Coast AM, Richard C. Hoagland is a former NASA Consultant who served as Science Advisor to Walter Cronkite at CBS News during the Apollo moon missions.

Hoagland is renown for making ‘Face on Mars’ a familiar term to millions of households after the publication of his first book called “Monuments of Mars, A City On The Edge Of Forever.” His second book co-authored with Mike Bara was titled, “Dark Mission.”

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One Response to Charles Ostman and Richard C. Hoagland debate what Comet Elenin signifies to the world

  1. From George Ure’s
    Aug. 30, 2011

    Coping: With Another “World Ender”

    …there’s a new feature on the threat board this morning spied by my friend “Age of Desolation” author G.A. Stewart. Stu will be putting a more thorough version of this on his website,, shortly, but he has been kind enough to send me an advance with permission to post it here.

    Now just as a bit of background, Stu’s the follower of Nostradamus prophetic works and with that we’ll just jump right into an email and article from him…


    Just a quick note on what I’m getting ready to put on the site. Listened to a Richard Hoagland interview Friday night, he thought the whole Comet Elenin, meteors in the comet’s tail theory was Fear Mongering BS.

    Anyway, I broke it down using the JPL website. November 8 close encounter with asteroid 2005 YU55 is the one to be concerned about. Look at the diagrams. Certainly seems like 2005 YU55 is somewhere close to the trajectory of Comet Elenin.

    Clif [High] has also flagged 11/8 and 11/9 if I’m not mistaken.

    I’m working hard to get this up quickly as possible. It’s driven me back to my original manuscript. Read below about my calculations for the asteroid’s size based on Nostradamus’ prophecy. The diameter of the object I calculated is 40 feet off of the size of 2005 YU55.

    This is the killer of Northern Europe… specifically Brussels and NATO. More to come… working overtime.

    Kindest regards, Stu

    Don’t know about you, but when a serious academic-type sends me an email with “This is the killer of Northern Europe” – well, let’s just say I sit up and take notice, shall we say?

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