Doc Mike Witort connects resolution of health issues to addressing sulfur deficiencies

“Mr. Sulfur” Patrick McGean and guest co-host Mike Witort delve into the healing power of organic sulfur to address many ailments that don’t respond to conventional therapy.

While Mike Witort is not a licensed medical doctor and his methods may not be approved or recognized by any of the established medical associations, his results speak volumes. As a result of his many successes, Mike has become widely known by his nickname (not his professional designation) of “Doc.”

Doc Mike reveals his plans to open wellness clinics in every state to stop the needless drugging and surgical procedures (e.g., mastectomies and hysterectomies) performed on tens of thousands of women every year. He also shares his biting criticism about two widely-followed physicians in the alternative medicine field: Dr. Oz and Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Doc Mike’s website:
Sugar: You Just Love Your Children To Death
Sign up for lifetime membership to Doc Mike’s International Independent Researchers for $49.95.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of Doc Mike’s Aug. 15 appearance on the radio show.

Contact Info
Mike “Doc” Witort
428 Morengo Ave, 1st Floor
Forest Park, IL 60130-1779
708-488-8887 – call to request his autism DVD (donations accepted but not required)

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