Jasmine reveals the true story behind the Boston Tea Party

Jasmine is a Cherokee Medicine Woman and RMNews Agent whose heritage and upbringing bestowed upon her with knowledge about health matters and historical events, including a war that occurred over 10,000 years ago between the peoples of North and South America.

Boston Tea Party
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Do You Know the REAL Story Behind the Boston Tea Party? I didn’t. Cherokee Medicine Woman Will Tell Us Today on RadioRMN
Posted By: Rayelan
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Date: Thursday, 15-Sep-2011 12:58:47

The Circle of Law
Posted By: Jasmine
Date: Monday, 17-Nov-2008 16:08:35
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Build Greenhouses with an Aquaponics system in the rural MD area
Register and Vote for Gaia Greenhouse Enterprises, LLC, a project idea initiated by our guest.

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    Posted By: Jasmine
    Rumor Mill News Agents Forum
    Date: Sunday, 18-Sep-2011

    Hi de ho Everyone,

    I know I haven’t been here for awhile to post but have been totally busy. I do drop in every now and again when I have some time but as I have told many, I am busy building a nest for the new world. Pretty much everyone, at least most everyone here, understands that we are in the middle of Earth Changes. What I have been doing, along with a group of friends, is setting up a Community that will assist us and hopefully many others, weather those changes and come out the other side of things with shelter, food, alternative energy, and with any luck a few creature comforts. We have started several businesses including a 501c3 to help us get things off the ground. We have a website that is going up and should be ready any day now. We have/are applying for grants and getting things off to a small start here in my backyard.

    One our businesses, Gaia Greenhouse Enterprises, LLC, has applied for a grant from the Pepsi Refresh people. This is to help us get the greenhouses and aquaponic units up and running.

    What we need for everyone who would like to help us is to go to their website, http://www.refresheverything.com type in the search box, Gaia Greenhouse, and cast a vote for us and our idea. Whoever gets the most internet votes wins the grants for that month. We are all just regular people like the most of you, which means we live from pay day to pay day, for those of us with jobs anyway ohohohoho. This grant will go a long way to helping us build this nest.

    I thank you all for anything you can do and for allowing me to post here.
    many blessings and safe journeys for us all.


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