Jane Tolomello tells how her idyllic neighborhood has turned into a nightmare

Imagine you live in a home in an upscale neighborhood that normally would allow you to retire when you decide to sell. Then, the gas industry decides to move in.

Since 1996, Jane Tolomello and her husband and daughter have lived in Luzerne County in Dallas Township, PA, about 45 minutes north of the Pocono area. When they moved into Dallas Township, they were fortunate to find a fixer-upper at a great price that they could afford to remodel.

Very recently, the gas industry entered the area, putting Jane’s family, her neighbors, and local school children at severe risk. Moreover, the energy firms want to convert the woods adjacent to her property into an industrial site so they can transport their gas to market via an interstate pipeline operated by Williams’ Transco subsidiary that’s over 50 years old.

Eleven local residents, including Jane, have been fighting the gas companies’ efforts for the past eight months. The following video showcases Jane giving testimony at a local zoning hearing where she express her opposition to a natural gas metering station located a third of a mile from the Dallas district school.

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Contact Jane via her Facebook page.

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