Winston Shrout shares his analysis and understanding of Biblical history

Eben Rey interviews Winston Shrout, who takes listeners on a historical discourse about the Biblical origins of the laws that dictate modern commerce.

A college graduate with a psychology degree who supported his family as a carpenter, Winston Shrout found himself drawn to studying the history, origins, and foundational concepts related to commerce. He began to understand that the commercial world we deal with every day is often not what it appears to be. And like many things in life that take time and effort to fully understand, at a certain point it became clear to Shrout that his life’s work would focus on helping other people understand the truth about how commerce really works.

Winston Shrout’s website: Solutions in Commerce
Upcoming webinar: Traffic Tickets Revealed, Sat. Oct. 15
Phone: (503) 538-7100

Saint Germain – Lord of the Seventh Ray
Source: Ascension Research Center
Saint Germain – embodied as: Francis Bacon (1561-1626 A.D.), England.
Philosopher, statesman, essayist and literary master, author of the Shakespearean plays, father of inductive science and herald of the scientific revolution. Francis Bacon made it appear that he died on Easter Sunday, April 9, 1626, and he even attended his own “funeral” in disguise.

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