Robert Fanning shares plan to restore Constitutional government in America

A former Wall Street trader, CEO, and staunch proponent of the 10th Amendment, Robert Fanning seeks to reverse the trend toward fascism by winning the Montana governorship.

Robert Fanning is Montana’s only governor candidate worthy of tea party support
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Sep. 30, 2011

Robert Fanning, Candidate Mt. Governor Reveals His Proposals for Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department
Aug. 25, 2011

Andrew Breitbart & Robert Fanning Jr. expose our corrupt Federal Government
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Robert Fanning Jr., candidate for Montana Governor, tells of the 45-60 million dollars stolen from the Pittman Robertson excise Tax fund to introduce Canadian wolves into Yellowstone and central Idaho.

Aaron Russo’s From Freedom to Fascism – Full Length Documentary
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Contact Info
Bob Fanning for Governor
PO Box 7
Pray, MT 59065
(406) 333-4121

To enable the state of Montana to serve as a Constitutional role model for the rest of the U.S., Bob Fanning solicits your financial and voluntary support to help him with his gubernatorial bid. If you able to help with his campaign, contact Bob directly via either of his email addresses:
Email address #1
Email address #2

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