Melinda Pillsbury-Foster describes intentional communities and her Greedville site

Rayelan Allan interviews fellow RadioRMN host Melinda Pillsbury-Foster to enlighten listeners on what’s wrong with society and how we can turn things around.

Welcome to the Intentional Communities website – your source for community information
Intentional Community is an inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing communities, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, intentional living, alternative communities, cooperative living, and other projects where people strive together with a common vision.

Melinda’s viewpoints and opinions and insights
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster’s Blog
Sunday, May 11, 2008
This April 15th Remember the Sad Saga of Craig Franklin (ex-husband)

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster’s Personal Website
This is Melinda’s personal site: the place she uses to cache her articles, her poetry, and to reflect about things that really matter.

GREED: The NeoConning of America
Book by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Melinda’s Greedville website is an illustration of one of the things she feels we need to fix: the means by which people in power (many whom she believes are psychopaths) use corporate law to their advantage to lie and steal their way to prosperity.

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