Asra Adiba explores solutions to our global chaos with Patrick McGean and Doc Stump

Doc Stump and Patrick McGean interview Asra Adiba, who shares some the life-changing solutions she documents in her eBook called “Metal Illness.”

Book Summary
Want to make sense of the chaos in the world? And more importantly, bring order into it? There is no other place that every aspect of the mayhem is addressed other than in this book, including the causes. Everything from autism to terrorism to sufism is addressed. Solutions to almost every common ailment that is plaguing society can be found in this book, mental or physical. But that is only the beginning of the door into a more vibrant life of emotional and spiritual heights. Forge ahead with your family into a whole new world.

Patrick McGean has served as Director of the Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study since 1991. Using data from his worldwide study, he has documented how sulfur deficiency that is endemic in our society is directly connected with chronic illness and disease. Further information about McGean’s background can be found on the website under the The Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study heading.

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