Ed Corsi holds politicians to Constitutional oaths they're supposed to uphold

Ed Corsi, cousin of WorldNet Daily columnist and author Dr. Jerome Corsi, fights back against the powers that be in northeast Ohio who fail to respect Constitutional law.

Corsi v. Ohio Elections Commission
By: 1851 Center for Constitutional Law
July 15, 2011
On June 24, the 1851 Center filed a notice of appeal in the case of Ed Corsi, a political blogger and pamphleteer who distributed materials critical of his local elected officials. After one of those same officials sought prosecution of Mr. Corsi, the Ohio Elections Commission took up the case. The OEC concluded that because some friends and allies assisted Corsi in handing out pamphlets, the efforts of these individuals rendered them a “Political Action Committee,” even though they spent no funds in supporting or opposing candidates, and coordinated with no campaigns. Any Ohioans designated as a PAC must register with the state prior to engaging in political speech, and must comply with onerous reporting requirements.

Geauga Constitutional Council
Site contains numerous posts about Constitutional issues affecting Geauga County, OH, where Ed Corsi resides.

The Eagle Eyes of Ed Corsi
Ed Corsi: The Man, The Legend
Both articles posted by: Scott Weber
Burton Blog
Apr. 25, 2010

The Lesser of Two Evils in Voting’ Persuasive
Uploaded by mrconceeded on Mar 1, 2010 (turn up volume)
Josh Craddock delivers his 2009 National Championship semifinal persuasive speech on “voting for the lesser of two evils.” This speech also took first place at the Rocky Mountain Classic qualifier and the Gold Standard Regional Invitational.

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