Harvey Wasserman shares a bright future with the legalization of industrial hemp

Hemp is a maligned crop that can reduce dependency on grid-oriented energy. Sharing his ideas is Harvey Wasserman, a life-long proponent of energy alternatives.

Author or co-author of a dozen books, Harvey Wasserman (click here to go to his website) teaches U.S. History, Western Civilization and Cultural Diversity at Columbus State Community College and Capital University in central Ohio. His writings appear in a number of well-known media sites, including Common Dreams, CounterPunch, Buzzflash, and the Huffington Post. He also serves as senior editor for The Free Press, a disseminator of Progressive news and commentary.

Since the turbulent 1960s, Wasserman has been a prominent advocate for alternative energy, election and environmental protection, peace, and social justice. Wasserman joined pop luminaries Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and Graham Nash in founding a grassroots group called NukeFree.org that helped stop a $50 billion federal loan guarantee program proposed by the nuclear reactor industry in 2007.

Books by Harvey Wasserman
• SOLARTOPIA! Our Green-Powered Earth, A.D. 2030
• Harvey Wasserman’s History of the U.S.
A Glimpse of the Big Light: Losing Parents, Finding Spirit
How the GOP Stole America’s 2004 Election & Is Rigging 2008 (co-authored with Bob Fitrakis).
What Happened in Ohio: A Documentary Record of Theft And Fraud in the 2004 Election (co-authored with Bob Fitrakis and Steven Rosenfeld)
• Harvesting Wind Energy as a Cash Crop: A Guide to Community-Owned Wind Farming (co-authored with Dan Juhl).

North American Industrial Hemp Council – Hemp Facts
• Hemp has been grown for at least the last 12,000 years for fiber and food. It has been effectively prohibited in the United States since the 1950s.
• George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. Ben Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper. Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper.
• The products that can be made from hemp number over 25,000.

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