Brogan Horton exposes the hidden abuses directed at our pets and animal population

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews Brogan Horton, who works with the Animal Rescue Unit to reverse the pervasive nature of animal suffering all over the world.

Animal Rescue Unit home page
A.R.U is an activist organization that investigates, rehabilitates, educates, and legislates for animal welfare. Its goal is to expose the hidden horrors that animals face in commercial environments such as slaughterhouses, auctions, and farms. The A.R.U. Pet Food Pantry provides animal owners with much needed pet food and health products.

Pilots N Paws Rescue Services
Saving the lives of innocent animals

Supersize Me – Trailer
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Jenks goes undercover with 23-year-old Brogan Horton in the shockingly dangerous world of animal rescue.
World of Jenks | Ep. 5 | Freedom’s Flight | MTV

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