Shouldn't we have the right to use our name in our business? Sassoon Saleem Sassoon agrees

Sassoon Saleem Sassoon, a descendent of King David, tells how he’s been fighting Vidal Sassoon and Proctor and Gamble for the right to use his name in business for four decades.

Our guest’s David-vs-Goliath story begins under the tumultuous influence of World War II when he was born after his family fled Rangoon (modern-day Yangon). Attending school in the States and gaining employment as a licensed hairdresser in 1963, Sassoon attained success promoting organic products related to his profession. Influenced by the research and work of Dr. Royal Rife, he was on the verge of providing energy work to clients from his Westwood, CA office when Vidal Sassoon and P&G intervened and put a major obstacle in his path.

Sassoon Saleem Sassoon, Inc.
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The company employs approximately 1 employee and is categorized under the Cosmetology and Barber Schools industry.

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